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About  us

Kobadem is a professional image management consultancy company with key focus on helping companies and individuals build and manage their personal and business brand.

We are focused on building capacity by providing customized training on, personal branding, grooming, business etiquette, business communication, customer service, marketing and other interpersonal skills programme crucial to managing ones image.

We provide our clients with the necessary skills that will empower them to build and improve their professional image and leverage it with existing business and social opportunities.We have over (8) Eight years’ experience of empowering people to improve their personal image using available training programmes and tools to  make their brand stand out.

Emma Addo-Owusu


I am image consultant with key focus on providing personalised training to individuals and staff of business institutions with the aim of enhancing their professional, business and social image. As an image makeover expert I am passionate about issues relating to personal branding, customer service, personal grooming, business and social etiquette. Furthermore, I provide coaching, mentoring and training to those keen on projecting a professional Image of their brand within the local and international business community.
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